Friday, December 5, 2008

The Second Day

Today is another day. I don't think I did something really exciting than opening a locked project with interesting battle system or just managed to get myself motivated as I tried to do powerhouse Gunnar just to see if I can survive the whole game named "Sacred Earth Bonds" with just him and not even bothering with Veili.

So far it's possible haha. I wish I can finish these spriting problems soon and keep motivated. Vacation is running out so fast, I don't want to go to school yet, uuu....

Today I didn't see Teacher Reggie since he's away :(
There goes C# lesson, I guess I have to learn the basics anyway, it's going good and I feel motivated and high just thinking about learning.

Today I managed to finish J.D for Sacred Moon, but I won't update the blog since it's pretty minor and useless, I guess I'll update it by bursts so that it won't be cluttered :3

I guess for today I'll set out The Sacred Tears: True by Alpha Nuts. I really loved this game for it's battle system since it's so fun! I think it should be translated to English! Too bad it's a commercial game and I don't know if it's going to be buyable. I only found out a demo.

Alpha Nuts...sure love blue-haired heroes. Hey, at least the artwork is good haha. Also the characters are brimming with personality in the battle, I swear! Depending on how you killed the enemy as well. It's worth the hacking~ Ohohoho.

I guess that's for now...

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