Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seventh Day

I...forgot to make my own pixel day per day today ;-;
I'm going to borrow Zuleika by my hubby for the mean time....ahahaha....

Today I worked on hilarious test events and stuff. But today, something worried me, I'm afraid of unnatural dialogue, so what happened was me and Ciel had an interesting conversation about dialogue, here's some notes that I've taken.

Verisimilitude - it means it should sound real, like real people are saying the lines and not like someone is writing them. But in special instances you can get away with being a little more poetic. If it's a special scene it can make the dialogue better even if it's only 90% believable instead of 100%

And you should always try to minimize exposition as much as possible, like if you have to explain a lot of stuff to the audience through two characters talking, try to disguise the conversation as something else as much as you can, like it is a regular conversation, but the information the audience needs to know is in there somewhere.

A great example will be FF8, it has a good example of people speaking naturally in a game in a modern context.

That's what's given to me, I hope I can get more response from other people so I will know what to improve on!

I was playing around today ...

I stole the system layout from Neok for a while @_@
Once I finished it I'll give the system away for people's use XD


Anonymous said...

Also, i suggest avoiding massive walls of text and dividing it up with actions of some sort. also, nice pics.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Haha thanks!

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