Saturday, December 6, 2008

Third Day

Today was an alright day I guess, we had fun at the Christmas party although I got a stomach ache because of the sweets I guess, that thing with condensed milk was so sweet D:

It was a christmas party, it was pretty nice, I managed to eat my favorite pinoy delicacies such as Kare Kare and Leche Flann. I managed to play with some kids at Nintendo Wii, I guess they didn't like the fact I always beat them haha.

I replayed SEB 2 days ago I think, since Haus and Ocean got Veili as a powerhouse (who I believe is useless) I decided to try out the "Ultimate Gunnar" and that he can basically beat Veili in every possible way stat wise and battle wise. Apparently, I was right, Ohohohohohoh!

And since I'm a masochist I always play Unknown Mode, and I got far, I really did, fufufufu...

I killed all the bosses in split seconds with Steel! and Soul Raiment. It was fun, a very fun power abuse and seeing Veili wipe the floor everytime. Yesterday I got lazy, but I finished it today. It was very, very, verrryyy interesting. I killed the final boss in split seconds unlike when I had the whole party balanced out. It was very fun.

I had Fast Increase all the time as I solve puzzles, even though it broke my concentration a few times, it was worth it haha.

New record, found out the game is abusable etc.
A really fun challenge indeed.


Skie said...

Let's see you abuse the system in SEB2 when the time comes. >:3

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Oh I will >:D
I will find a way

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