Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Eleventh Day

Nackster announced a contest in GW and the theme is..."Fangames"

Of course, I jumped in, I dug my own grave once again, sigh... We're not doing this for the money nor expecting to win, but it's a nice excuse to work on a fangame XD

I've been really happy though, I can do much more work on rpgmaker XP somehow and as well as get some nice help from very nice people :)

I held a voice actor recruitment thread and I didn't expect anyone to help me! I'm so glad that people are interested! Cirno and the gang would look forward for their partners ~

Right now, I'm babysitting since last week, it's been a blast, I'm still doing it and thankfully the kids are well behaved, if they weren't I won't be able to work with my game ...at a nice pace...

Right now, I am planning the CBS and finalizing functions so that we can finish it ASAP and get it out of the way as well as to take care on sprites next, placeholders can be really depressing sometimes.

For those who are curious, Advent Cirno is a ff7 parody, Touhou style. The original idea came from Mistbell, but One Night Stand picked it up and made it into a manga. And lo it began and got me addicted because of Rukaroa's game idea. I wish he can get all the help that he needs.

So far this is what we got...

An in depth game description will be done soon. I'll make a separate blog maybe?
But we'll see...

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