Friday, February 20, 2009

Nineteenth Day

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for not updating for so long!
We moved houses so everyone is sooo busy!
I shall return soon @_@
Some news, I think we won't make it so this will take a while, for the meantime I'll work really hard on the tilesets to fit the character sprites :3
I don't have a screen to show due to that I'm at the library right now so I apologize u.u

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Anonymous said...

Great work as always, Ness! Your art continues to improve, and amaze.

I found this page from your RMN profile. It's really unfortunate to see you removed this project from RMN. The people that believe it's cool to hate anime-style artwork obviously don't make up the entirety of the community. I didn't really get a chance to chime in on Skie's topic before you got argued out of RMN. I like anime-styled artwork (I actually thought DOAD's artwork was yours), and I am looking forward to Advent Cirno as well. I'll try to keep tabs on this site, but life is busy (for you too, it seems).

In closing, I'm a little embarassed that talented people like you and Skie were made to feel uncomfortable in a community where amateur game development, of any style or calibur, is the focus. While opinions of all sorts are something that artists/developers should be prepared for, they should also be presented maturely. I, like others at RMN, hope you reconsider your decision to edit your game out.

Good luck with your projects, and I hope to see more from you soon!

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