Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twenty First Day

I am getting tongue tied at the blog title haha.

Hi everyone! I just updated Advent Cirno's game link on the sidebar, enjoy! Not enough in there since we're completely revamping the menu system and battle system HUD-wise so it would look more...professional, I guess.

I also added two authors above so that just in case I disappeared they might have something to add here (~^_^)~

I don't have much updates unfortunately, real life has been really hectic and busy since we moved houses, clean this clean that, and more that *rage* so yeah sorry :(

I'll just post a sneak preview of the new menu that's still under construction.


Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

Is that a Keroro logo on Cirno's clothes?

Oh yeah, the menu's cool and techy, in spite of arcane stuff revolving in the Touhou world.

Chibidestiny said...

I like the menu as well as the rest of your screenshots, but wouldn't the title be Twenty-First?

Archeia_Nessiah said...

@Chibi hey thanks for the correction XD

@Hatsuya, yes. And the menu is cool and techy because Advent Cirno is the almost the same as FFAC universe.

CATGUN said...

Nice,the menu remind me of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories system.

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