Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twenty Fifth Day

I am feeling China-ish today so enjoy Hong Meiling!

Today I was digging through my Advent Cirno stuff thinking about who to sprite since I am not in the mood to animate Cirno and it's making me weep when I suddenly remembered that I was working on Meiling's sprite before I forgot it lol.

So here we go! I drew a matching portrait as well for her berserk stance! Red eyed Meiling @_@

And I made progress with Sacred Moon once again along with Elagune! It was really nice~

And what else...
I dunno what else to add, I can't get the UMS to work what I want it to in XP so I'm gritting my teeth. I can't still sprite tilesets bummer.

So yeah enjoy this mockup on how I want it to work...kinda!

Background Tileset from Kaiseto not mine T_T
Lol I wish...


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Wind Chime!
*Takes Meilin away while Rae-chan still faints*

Archeia_Nessiah said...

I also change the layout to fit her color haha

Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

Nice art for Hong Meiling! She might be the Tifa of Advent Cirno, just my 2 cents.

Btw, is there a Touhou game that you can play as her?

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