Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thirty Nineth Day (Lol wut?)

Hi everyone!

Been too busy nowadays sorry, I didn't have time to work on Advent Cirno at all. Today is my birthday and I'm beat, I don't feel like celebrating birthdays in the near future if it means I have to work on cooking and more cleaning for like 4-6 straight hours orz.

Been working on this picture for a while, today is the 4th day and uh yeah if you want to see the whole pic just click on this...

I think I might collapse now tho, I was hoping to finish it today. If I knew I had to do so much work I would've said Let's not celebrate my birthday and let me be lazy the whole day =w= Not sleeping today, want to finish this picture, also school after tomorrow it's like I wasted so much time doing chores ...Argghhh D:

I've been addicted to FSN again, at least my mother is buying me a psp, now to wait for 3 months to get it '3'

Thank you for the kind people who gave me a birthday card and presents !
Sorry for stabbing 2 people afterwards tho :>

From Letslap's game (sorry if I misspell your name)


Tackman said...

Happy birthday! =D

Sorry I couldn't tell you that earlier, but I just discovered your blog! I heard about an Advent Cirno game being made and it got me interested... a lot! =D

But judging by the videos, the game is made with RPG Maker XP, I sure wasn't expecting that, I didn't know you could make such awesome things with it!

I love your drawings and sprites! Of course, you can't go wrong with Cirno, but still, you do all that in a very professional way and it's fantastic!

I'm not the kind of guy to rush anyone for a game, I make some games myself and I know it is annoying when there's a bunch of people that wants a demo as if their lives depended on it. So this game can be on hold for as long as you need it to be, I won't mind it at all, because your work is quality work, and that's all what matters! =D

This said, I wish you luck, to you and the others working on the project! Your blog is now bookmarked, my ⑨th bookmarked website to be exact, sweet! =D

Faen said...

Sorry i'm so late to say... Happy birthday ^^.

Keep up the good work! I get a feeling that this game will grab much much attention when it's finished XD

Archeia_Nessiah said...

@Tackman, hey thanks! Also sweet, ⑨th bookmarked website haha that's pretty epic.

@Faen hey thanks :) It's alright!

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