Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thirty Eight Day

I had a dream, and it was horrible, it made me go into a raging fangirl with an obsession for Archer even my desktop is Archer, the only thing lacking is that I make my whole Windows XP scheme red which I am holding back because that'll be ridiculously fangirlish.

An update, ever since we worked on Advent Cirno being Real time we have to work hard on it. TDS was kind enough to give me this offer and work on it really hard. It's said that we won't have a release date in either 25 or 27 or 29 due to unexpected issues =_=;

But all we can give now is an unfinished battle system video and the theme for Reisen's battle song that is right below this paragraph. Please note it's nowhere near done and TDS had to replace the original sound due to poor quality. The enemy AI is very simple for now and the little hexagons on the lower right will also allow for Magic and items. Thanks to Satiel for making the video and to José Moreno for the music used in the video titled "Fur Emerald".

Screenshot from Fandrey's game:


Faen said...

Nice XDD
Reminds me of Legend of Mana's Battle System :3

Anonymous said...


CATGUN said...

The battle system in Advent Cirno look awesome.It almost look like the battle system used in Tales of Sympohnia and Kingdom Hearts chain of Memories.

I wonder how will the game look like when it finished.

And also Archeia, I wish you Happy Birthday.

Well that's all for now,hope to see this game finish soon.See ya.

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