Monday, May 4, 2009

41st Day

I seriously need to give you updates but this one pose of Cirno is taking forevar. Sorry :(

With that said, Year 12 English is bombarded with essays it's not even funny. I hate it :|

So many essays, essays are stacked with each other, you just finished one you have to finish another one and another and another and another and another!!!!

Although the visit to the Adelaide Gaol was ok, it was a bit ergh tho because Note taking was hard you have to be fast at the same time listen and walk and try your best to write on your booklet. Blah.

It was ok I guess, but I really don't have time for game making now, specially with Studies of Societies trying to top English with all those essays and stuff. Who would've thought that last year of highschool was this busy, at least the one in the Philippines was much easier =____=

That said I've been holding how to draw classes in school for some reason. I blame English. I had 4 students including my little brother and it takes me around 2 hrs to teach them how to draw a head and I'm not even that good...They like it tho. Here's a sample from my 13 year old student ^_^ The drawing on the left is mine and his is the right one. Yes I'm still Archer mode but not that bad.

Enjoy Cirno's new airyacht for a while.
And here's a fun screenshot.


Anonymous said...

The last screenshot rules =))
Holding a "How to draw" class seems nice =) I wish that someone would open a class like that here >_>

Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

I like the Air-Yacht, it's a major improvement from Ocean's style... =^_^=

Archeia_Nessiah said...

@Hatsuya Ocean didn't sprite it :x
@Valkyrz haha thanks

Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

@Archeia: Was the old airship tileset was your work? Too bright, but the current air-yacht present, well... it's decent!

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