Thursday, May 21, 2009

44th Day

I believe Ocean's Dream updated his blog, so did Skie with SEB2 but I bet you already know that~

Time flies so fast, next week is week V of our term 2 and halfway of the term wow ...

I've been dying of all the school work and I don't have anything to update regarding Advent Cirno. Instead I've been working my ass off a novel for my visual art project '3'

I hope I'll make it in time, novel folio of english works can certainly kill someone.

Well this is certainly fun, I dunno what to talk about except English Communications related stuff with all the literary devices to use and all those sort of things and maritime museum and North Adelaide trip, I suddenly feel like a nerd.

Lol Time Waster yet proof of concept.

There's this interesting game I saw...
Solarian Story I think is the name. *checks* yep it is.

Fandrey (my...uh...adopted younger brother in the net I guess) has been working on a really cool flash game called Arcane Elyssia I really like it. Still in progress but looking really good. Can't wait for it to get finished ^^

Speaking of which, I have to go do those art trades ASAP D:

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Wings of Eternia said...

It is that time of year where school work does like to clamp down :x

Best of luck, and don't over work yourself, and I'm sure your visual art project will turn out great!

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