Wednesday, May 27, 2009

45th Day

Skie updated her blog
so gogogogogogo!

With that said, still no Advent Cirno progress, sorry ~
I can't believe that time is running so fast! So much work still needs to get done. Ahahaha~

Also Alvis personality is amazing :)
I love him more now. I wish he would annoy the heck out of Veili for being useless >:V *cue angry Veili supporters*

So far VN is going well, been training real hard for backgrounds. Jeez, I can't wait to finish this and Advent Cirno and get on with Sacred Moon, I want to work on it so baaaaaddddddddd...

I did a lot of progress today at least VN wise, TDS helped me with the engine *heart*

You know, come to think of it, there is a side in Advent Cirno news.
A 3D artist told me if I needed his help, maybe we could put in 3D backgrounds instead. This is still not entirely final though since...we need to see if it will work ._.;;;

And with that I leave with a screenshot! er screenshots!

Guns N Angels

Wild West Shooter (might be cancelled ;A;) by rayteoactive

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