Friday, June 5, 2009

46th Day

Good Evening!

I know I haven't updated for a while but many, many, many~ things have happened lately which aren't really pleasant. Let's just say that I had one of those bad week moments haha.

Other than Real Life stuff I think a lot of stuff in online even occurred and I still don't know what the issue is about but apparently it has severed my connection and life of the project. Good thing that today was a "checkpoint" and not really the real deadline for my project. You guys have no idea how relieved I am and how shocked I am hahaha~

Even my teacher was so pleased at the amount of backup I had. Now if only I can make her happy at the final results as well x_x

Also let's see, about Advent Cirno...
Sorry guys, I don't think it'll be real time due to ... certain issues. But I'll think of a way I think or it could just mean that it should be pushed back as turn-based. Anyway I'm just not sure about this yet so ...geh...

All things said I'll just leave with a screenshot.


Skie said...

Gogogo! Don't fail!

Tackman said...

Well, I love turn based battles! =D
I'm sure that with a few good ideas, your battle system will be innovative and way more fun than real time! ;)

Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

There's a grammatical error on the 2nd screen shot, it forgot a comma after the "What are you".

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