Saturday, June 6, 2009

47th Day

Normally I post every week or 2 weeks or days or something but funny things keeps on happening.

Yesterday was probably the cherry on top of a bad week. I thought that the night before that was worst with the whole family drama and then it happened one of my siblings used my computer and inserted a sality.nao virus that murdered their computer and the funny thing was I was in a middle of backuping my stuff when that happened. Oh the Irony. I almost lost mine as well but good thing I managed to fix it.

Also, avast! is useless :|

On the good side of the news, I heard RMN3 is coming out and the thing is too powerful that the site crashed. I was looking forward to see how it looks like too as well. I liked WIP's old idea. Nice to know it's finally going out and seems to be looking good~ :3

Still thinking if I should stick to SWR+KH:CoM Advent Cirno or the new idea, will take a while sorry everyone! At least Scarlet Heart is going somewhere! Still need to get that sprite animated and I think I got rusty as well. Too much drawing not enough pixelling O_o

I have the battle system explained somewhere but that has got to wait.
Screenshot from Sereneworx I dunno what the title is tho


Anonymous said...

For you sibling issues, go to control panel>User Accounts, give yourself a password if you havent done so, the go to change the way user log on or off, then uncheck fast user switching & the welcome screen option. Now, whenever you want to lock down your PC, just press what you'd normally press to get the task manager (ctrl+alt+del), and you'll now be given soem more options. use this whenever you leave your computer.

Avast! is quite effective actually. It just didn't have the stuff for the one thing that hit you. Anti virus programs are like school kids; they progress in different ways, have different sources of information.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

I have a passworded account it's just I have to leave it on sometimes doing chores and I can't log it off or set it to standby, you see crap pc.

Also avast should have sality.nao registered but it didn't detect it for some pathetic reason. Well I love nod32 anyways so I'm sticking with it.

CROS said...

You totally posted that at 11:11 PM.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

ROFL that's awesome.

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