Friday, June 26, 2009

50th Day

I died again. I know ;_;
I got sick and didn't do anything productive and after a while. Yey flooded school work!

I still have more to do and instead I'm slacking off updating this blog. Ah well at least this is the last week of term 2 and break for 2 weeks and then exams and then more work.

Oh joy...
I've been spriting for a lil' bit of my time.
I feel like recoloring RMXP RTP to something like this:

But it doesn't feel like worth the trouble so I'll just keep that in my head~

Speaking of free graphics, Ocean's Dream made some very nice icons~
I have a bad case of burnt out syndrome so I won't update for a while.
Sorry~ :(

Sword of Legends
Link's Awakening: Remastered


SorceressKyrsty said...

I hope you're better from being sick. Being sick is no fun at all, especially since it's so cold right now >.>.

If you're still sick eat plenty of strawberries (more vitamin C than oranges so I've heard), and avoid large crowds. You definitely don't want to catch swine flu O.O.

And those RTP sprites are too cute XD.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Haha yeah.

Strawberries are expensive! Oranges and apples works fine tho haha. And yeah I tend to avoid large crowds sick or not for some reason C:

I might make them the rtp sprites tho but for now it's a mystery o_o

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