Saturday, June 27, 2009

51st Day

Holy-, RMN3 is so awesome. It's so fast! I heard that some can't see it though.

That said, I've been showered with smally happy things like Pandora Hearts, the awesome Dead Fantasy 4 Trailer and now, Transformers 2.

It's...hilarious. It was worth the watch. It's funny how we watched the two Transformers movies in cinemas while the other movies I really liked are DVDs. Australia cinemas are nice too, the seats are comfy and there's no smell unlike in my hometown at some cinemas.

I am afraid tomorrow something bad will happen, the evil vibe of karma is haunting me and my heart is racing over these series of "happy events" I'm pretty sure some huge sad event is upcoming my way and I'm still not yet prepared for it...

Although, FIVE MORE DAYS! Counting...
And a screenshot from a game called Froggato:
There's a demo so gogogoggogo

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