Monday, June 29, 2009

52nd Day

I've checked the old Advent Cirno video C:
I saw a really nice suggestion from DumbRantings, if only I can quote I would so ask my programmer to do it. Here it is:

"An innovative idea, would be to make several different kinds of block moves and dodge moves, instead of just jumping around and usually over them in order to dodge them. I'm sure you're working on some kind of block move, but having several kinds in a game would be really innovative and engaging!"

I really think this will work well it's just too bad I'm not sure if we're still using real-time, I'm...just not sure, something just happened that made me think of a lot of stuff. Also it's like designing a fighting game at the same time. You know what, this game should just be a fighting game since it's real time except it's RPG! Like er Melty Blood or Tales of or something haha. *drops dead*

But other than that, I just added a new site to my sidelinks over food for thought. It's called Sloperama Productions, I'm sure people who do their research knows about it ~ It's all about advice and stuff and how to get into the gaming biz~ The guy is a pro so don't worry and go read the lessons I tell you! It also has a nice Game Design Document layout that will certainly help you with thinking about your game C:

Altho something has been bothering me for a while, I wanted to take a course in fine arts or I.T. or something art related but issues is at hand. I have a folio, I have work experience from a mobile game company too but I seem to always fail to impress a specific someone. I feel like I'm object to doomnation or failure if this keeps going on or something I dunno...

But yes~ That's all there is to it. I'm leaving for now. RMN3 IS AWESOME IF YOU HAVEN'T CHECKED IT YET! And a funny talk over #shmup

<+Nessiah> rmn3 makes me want to be active in mrn
<+Nessiah> *rmn
<+Nessiah> I feel retarded
<+Nessiah> why do shiny things always get me :<
<+WIP> I dunno, you're a fish?
<~Cielle> because you're an aestheticist
<~Cielle> (coolperson)
<+Nessiah> haha

And I leave with a screenshot by Revenant. He never told the title tho :|

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