Friday, July 3, 2009

53rd Day

Term Break finally started wooo hooo~!
With a combination of loads of holiday homework as well~

I'm still duped. I can't sprite no matter what I do. Argh the wasted time >:(

I guess I'll just work on all the overdue art trades that needs to be finished, finish the graphic novel for school, finish my advertisement for English. Research child rights for SOS and then sprite.

I wonder if that will work tho.
Ah well, I'm running out of things to say for this day, except that I finished one of my overdue things (B-day present for someone) and what else...

I'm still on Mellia mode in Knights In the Nightmare, it's getting annoying how slow I'm going with this >:(

That is all hoho.

A screenshot from Sacred Earth Bonds 2. Finally Alvis isn't doing lame attacks anymore hohoho~ *gets stabbed*


Tackman said...

So... I will like... give you a hug, to cheer you up! Maybe that's all what you need before continuing your Advent Cirno project!
<(-^_^-)> *hug*

Now, start working!!! >=(

Oh and, I've played the demo version of Knights in the Nightmare, and it looks great! =D

Gh0st said...

Post a day 54th plz

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