Wednesday, July 15, 2009

56th Day

Hi everyone~
I'm glad that my motivation came back somehow, it might be fickle but it is enough to get me on working and move on~

I know I said this before but, I'll have to finish the Visual Novel first before we can go on with Advent Cirno due to "finish the easy stuff first for school before the complex one" scenario my programmer gave me, please bear with me for a while o/

I've been thinking of making a separate blog for Cirno but instead I could always use the gamejolt news archive to give you guys updates instead of flooding this blog because I've gotten a comment that my blog is very chaotic and he gets lost.

That or I might clean up this blog and make it more organized~
I will see to it after the work is done!

and finally, Trine and yes it's an indie game~


Darken said...

Man I always wanted to write a visual novel, I'm not much of an digital illustrator though so most of my VN ideas stay as ideas.

Good luck on it!

Archeia_Nessiah said...

You can always use placeholders for the meantime and show it to an artist as well, s/he might get interested :3

Gh0st said...

Looking nice~

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