Wednesday, July 22, 2009

57th Day

I'm still alive~
Working on Novel and schoolwork and rgss scripting so that me and TDS can understand each other when explaining concepts and stuff :)

Since I have nothing literal to show you guys that is note worthy right now I'll give this one instead.

This is the video of a very unique CBS I played from TDS' game Seraphim Gates. How it works is that there's stamina, which affects movement, you can change party members with the cost of 50% of your stamina I believe.

There's also enmity, which is one of the awesome parts of the game. What it does that the enemy tends to have this anger towards the person who's attacking and those with the largest amount of damage or AOEing gets a large amount of enmity and they tend to attack that person.

Your position affects the amount of damage and enmity as well. It's like playing chess really, except your enemies get mad at you haha. It's a very nice game and everyone has their own playstyle when doing it.

One thing I recommend though, use your brain.

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