Thursday, August 13, 2009

60th Day

So it's the last term for Year 12~!
I'm soo busy omg XD

And no I am not dead yet, it's just...unfortunately I have nothing much to show you guys.

Although there is something that has been bugging me and I have to say it since I received too many to warrant it.

No, I don't join team projects unless you give me enough information that will make me interested enough or is around my area of interest and assured that you won't cancel it. I won't also join unless you can trade me with something worth of time. I won't ever join an MMORPG project, EVER. It's just impossible.

I also don't accept random requests unless I know you. But it doesn't mean I don't do them on a whim within my free time. I am also a girl so please don't ask me to do something that might irk me or something awkward. I'm not usually affected (if not always) but I have younger siblings around here and I don't really draw something ecchi or adult related unless we're really close friends. That is all.

I don't even know if this will count as a major update but...

Advent Cirno Engine Progress:
Pixel Based platformer movement, I finally have someone helping me with the sprites and the first victim is Hong Meiling to be animated. Ally system might be implemented...

One Night Stand is releasing a new volume of Advent Cirno yey!
That is all =w=

by Skie

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TFT said...

Hmm, you should just make them pay you a ridiculous amount to work on their awful projects.

so when they bail you'll have a wad of cash.

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