Sunday, August 16, 2009

61th Day

I'm going to do something in this blog in the next few days depending on the course of events but just giving an advanced notice~

Also...Touhou 12 and 12.3 has been eating me from my free time, mostly 12.3 geh... Meiling became so awesome all of a sudden, I have a feeling if this keeps going on it'll be Advent Meiling D:

And what can I say...
Tiny Cirno is tiny!
I'll put this gif as some sort of wheee

She's so adorable and tiny and so cute I want to eat her and hug her and squeeze her ~!!!

I also love her portraits, I think Alphes did a nice job on her~

Also I still don't like Sanae...Ah well>
I tried netplaying earlier with ChefMKT but the guy keeps pwning me with Meiling! Cirno has this huge delay so I can't attack continuously as him ~!!!

Rukaroa too! What the heck, Meiling influx all of a sudden? Hahaha. I want a controller and main Cirno just to use the cute little ice fairy...

Utsuho looks awesome but sloooww!!
Suwako is interesting to use as well, but too gimmicky perhaps? I still think I'd use her a lot if I can :3

I saw Touhouvania but didn't bother. I guess I'm just not so into that kind of stuff because I know I never finished Castlevania games and I always stop halfway =_='

And that is all~
Have a nice Touhou-ing week!

From Island Sky~


Valkryz said...

Cirno Racing demo is supposed to be out this Comiket too, but I couldn't find it =(
Most of the time you play TH12.3 huh. I thought you were really excited about UFO ~

PS: Meiling is always awesome like that =)

SorceressKyrsty said...

Hong Meiling looks great o.o. Out of the bosses I've faced in EoSD ( I got it to check it out *shrug*), I found Hong Meiling the easiest o.o
Guess she gets tougher as the games go on, eh? >.<
Awww, Cirno, *wants to cuddle but holds back*.

Gabriel Lamarre said...

Whoa! It has been so long since I last saw something about Cirno here! I'm so happy! =D

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