Monday, August 24, 2009

63rd Day

No we're not dead.
Don't worry, I actually have some Advent Cirno related update but I can't be bothered to upload it here yet because I want to shower you guys with Advent Cirno sprites and sit on a golden throne and drink watermelon shake and say that we did a lot of progress muahahahaha.

For now please enjoy this...drawing.
I wanted to updated Searching for the Ruby but I always get HTML errors when I do so that it got really annoying, I'll try to when I have more time.

And this might interest some artists out there that doesn't use a tablet but uses mouse instead:

I made a digital tutorial aimed for mouse users C:
I'm by no means an expert but I got asked and I just had the opportunity to do it so yeah.

If you want to see what's inside that tutorial please check this picture below:

And Chaos has this interesting game about the world ending and how will you survive?!
Sure it's not graphically amazing but it won't hurt to try it right?


Thernz said...

I wanted to updated.

Gabriel Lamarre said...

Something changed on this post... But I don't know what...

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