Sunday, September 6, 2009

66th Day

Hi everyone~
We have something in the works right now but I won't tell you guys what it is yet merely because it's not yet ready 8D *shot*

Have a Yuka for the meantime:

And Let's all commemorate this day, the day where we praise our happy (9)


Rinnosuke is still not yet done and I'm running out of time for Cirno Day, sorry :'(
Wanted to finish the epic picture of Cirno bashing the behemoth too ;A;
Anyway, Sacred Earth Bonds Remake got updated if you haven't checked it yet and uh, what else, Ocean updated with the Tileset Tutorial on how to make handy water tiles. I also have a nice gift for RPGmaker VX users :3

With persistence and Translation Party the VX CTB script is somehow translated and at least understandable, sort of ~ It gives off an illusion of being an FFX CTB but not really but it's a really nice feature. It can add skill delay and stuff and you can smooch it off from my server. Unfortunately I can't remember the japanese site for some reason but I promise I'll link it back here. I DID NOT MAKE THE SCRIPT ONLY TRANSLATED IT. Thank you. Get it here!

Or use the one made by Dargor orz...
You can use Minkoff VX by Dervvulfman to have a sideview one and KGC scripts probably to change the GUI. That is all :)

I'm not sure if everyone know but this is kinda old but still amazing by Sony. I believe it's around October but it's really nice :)

And I finally finished Archeia's full body pic ughughugh, wait I have to add the cloak nooooo...
Ah well here's more image dump:

And a screenshot to finish it off...


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