Tuesday, September 22, 2009

67th Day

Haaahh...I wanted to update a few days ago for a reason but I can't remember. I still can't but I'll update something.

First there's a patch for the CTB so I'm posting it here, I translated it for the benefit of the people, Post it above CTB Body but not above the other scripts :)

I'm in EC Rush, meaning, trying to get the novel done, before Oct.29 haha. Ah man I'm already beat from all this work but I'll live, I'll live. Also how come some specific person can't tell that I don't ever want to talk to him, EVER after all the drama he gave me and annoyance. Jeez.

Skie has finally released Project DOAD over RMN's Release Something Day. It's only a 30 minutes - 1 hour game, if you guys would like to try it out, you can over there!

I'll leave out some art stuff but that's basically just it.

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