Monday, November 9, 2009

72nd Day

Exams today oh noes!
I should be studying instead I'm posting here for reasons that I don't even know why~

I got Visual Arts Award though! It's amazing :D
I have a gift card of $25 but I dunno what to use it for 'w'
Sorry if I told this before, I can't remember because I'm so stressed right now.

I failed 2 subjects (D is a fail right?) because I had some family...issues to take care of and I swear if I find my sister I'm going to knock her senseless for ruining my school life *orz* and I'm not sure how to tell my dad geh... My teacher was like, how about your brother, why won't he look for her, well he doesn't know anything and it's better for him to concentrate on his studies since his grades are way lower than mine and that he only has 3 subjects, I have 4 and I have a lot of SACE points anyway so it's better for him to pass than me and I graduated highschool twice anyway @_@

That said, I've been working on this game for a while, I'm trying to finish some commissions so I can hire a pixel artist to do some tilesets for Advent Cirno, I am so bad at platformer tiles when it comes to cities and stuff and it takes me years to animate those sprites so sorry~

But hey at least Advent Cirno will be free once it goes out...if it does get done :p
For now I leave you with Night of Marian Visual(s) for my halloween and visual art backup game thingy that didn't made it and some game that I just made in a few minutes because I missed rpgmaker 2003...

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