Saturday, November 28, 2009

Your first game

I don't really post much in this blog but since Nessiah doesn't yet have an update, I decided to do one for her.

How many of you have finished your first game? Have you made plans for it? Is there a particular project you really wanted to do and have thought of for a while now?

Whatever you use to make your game with, game making is a pretty time consuming hobby. People tend to plan big for their projects, since they really want it to stand out and be fun. It's not something I'd like to discourage, but your "masterpiece" game should probably not be the first game you make. What tends to happen in peoples projects, is that they start working on a game with little knowledge or planning, then later when they learn more about the program and get a better idea of what they'll do, they find out the beginning is lacking in quality compared to the later game.

While that's not something you can truly avoid (especially since we can always learn something new), you may want to try to reduce this happening with the game you really care about. My suggestion would be to make a practice project first. Use that one to learn the basic systems and implement ideas that you would want to use for your main projects. Try not to make it too long! You'll want to use that project to judge how long it takes you to work on something. Try aiming for a 2 hour long game.

Once you have a simple first project done, you don't have to release it if you don't want to. You may want to get a friend or a volunteer to play through it and see what they think of the ideas. Sometimes ideas may sound good in theory but may in practice not work out as expected. Making that will help you learn from it for your next project.

Slightly off topic, but make sure you playtest your own game before sending it out! You should try to make your own game bug if you can, by going areas that aren't on the main path, talking to people in different orders, and things like that. You don't want to give a bad impression when you release a demo. While people would be willing to help, they'll also feel like you're a lazy developer if they find obvious bugs and mispellings in it.


ellenor said...

Ah, I remember my first game project....
Was made by only using what rmxp came with XD
Not a to bad game i guess, but definitely not one of the greatest XD
Also it had a female lead *wohoo!*
But yeah game making is a time consuming hobby.....

Oceans Dream said...

Yeah, my first game was just with the default resources too. I can say that it WAS a bad game! :D
I at least learned how to use switches because of that though.

Also, female leads are awesome.

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