Tuesday, December 8, 2009

73rd Day

Well I guess I'd like to say I didn't really die but I did draw a lot and that ... most of the updates are more of technical stuff that people might not understand or care about...right?

And... I can't really tell that I was on p4 crack for like a while and tell you guys how I pwned this and that and how I finally got this and that and how I finished the final boss in just a few turns after getting Trumpeter with Debilitate and Yoshitsune with Brave Blade, so yeah...OH and I saw that someone is making Persona 4: FES, which is awesome btw, I can't wait to date Yosuke~!!!! ...I am such a fangirl. I'm following the blog right now~!

And how massive hordes of bad luck entered our lives so I can't really say something about family...or how I feel like I think I failed school. And how me and my dad seem to be in bad terms for like consecutive days now, orz...

BUT, nonetheless, there's a chance that in the 3rd week of December (I'm pretty sure, unless we change plans due to beta thingies) I'm posting something here that might interest you guys, so please wait for that :]

And I got suckered into working with Chaos and Rei for this Game Chill Event in RMN called "Ill Will." not that we're working on it yet of course, aside from planning and getting some random resources ready~

And I finally finished TDS' main three protagonists for his game, Seraphim Gates. He also updated his game screenshots so yey! I'm so glad it's all over and done with now! Also Ocean is making nice progress with his game so please check it out when you have time! That said I joined in a couple of secret santas and the one I got is a huge Naruto fan it seems. I don't mind it but of all people why must it be Sakura, I hate her!

Skie also updated her blog, Sacred Earth Bonds: Remake, check it out if you haven't yet!
And I leave with a couple of screenshots:

OK, I don't want to post some of my SEEKREEETT stuff so that's all for now :3

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why doesnt odin have a beard and an eye patch

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