Tuesday, December 15, 2009

74th Day

Oh well, I'm updating~
I was on a roll for the past few days + pissed off at random things but it has to come into an indefinite halt. Why? I need to finish my rounds of x-mas presents to random people from the internet 8D

So to start off, I'm going to update this blog with random gifts for people who comments on this blog (if you want a gift just tell me but I do have an idea which people gets a gift), deviantart and forum communities. While I can't fill them all, but I will try, the deadline is in the 22nd for all my gift rounding and I'll resume game making in the 23rd.

And I'll leave with a few visuals...

And from Skie, thernz and K-hos.


Brent Murray said...

I would absolutely love to receive a gift from you; although, since I do not come around the forums anymore, I think that kills my chances rather nicely (sigh...oh well).

Nice update Nessy; I just love your artwork. Kind of makes me feel that I wasted a vital part of my life when I decided to stick to the programming part, and not the artwork part (I used to draw actually back then. Now, I can’t draw shit!) ^^

SorceressKyrsty said...

I don't know who you're doing those commissions for (I'm pretty sure you mentioned they were commish's when you posted the scholar on DevArt) but I hope they feel mighty lucky to have you as an artist. I really love the colouring style you're using on those- out of the numerous ways you colour, I would have to say it's my favourite.
...I have no idea how to end this comment D:, so I'll just leave it at that ^_^'

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