Tuesday, December 29, 2009

75th Day

First of all...

I hope everyone had some nice holidays! Mine was busy but alright, but busy! Game Chill is finally done and I tried out a few games during the times I can't think as usual!

First of, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLYY RECOMMEND Avarice, from Anamei Productions + Solitayre, not only is the game fun but the WRITING, oh.my.god. It's just amazing!

Props to Solitayre for making the awesome!
I will do the liberty of showing a few screenshots on this page since I'm a fangirl now :)!

As if you'll let that happen!

One of the best scenes in game, just... trust me

And Ill Will, which unfortunately didn't made it as a complete game due to time issues, it was looking promising too dammit! D: The good thing about the game is that there's so many awesome choices and that I can name my protagonist to Beanie.

And a few updates from me before I say good night!

See ya~!

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