Wednesday, January 13, 2010

77th Day

Yes, I am alive and well :D
For those who don't know yet, I've been concentrating on the remake of my old game, "Night of Marian"I figured the game seems short and good enough to test if my art skills are good and as an epitome to learn RGSS2 properly. After this, I am happy to say that, I feel that I could work on Advent Cirno more properly and reasonably without bloating it too much with ambition. I have thought of ways how to make my original plan for it work somehow and hope to do this someday, for now they stick with MS Word and Excel.

I have been thinking of cleaning this blog up lately. A lot of people thought that the games I featured are my own games because of how messy this place is. I might have to find a way to hide some posts and let them sit on the archive for old time's sake or completely wipe out the entire page (which is something I'm not willing to do because there might be some stuff people would like to see back!) But we will see~

Here's a track from Fandrey for Night of Marian!

So! What have I been upto aside from that?
In collaboration with Lucidrine, I'm happy to say that I'm excited for the making of our secret game, Valthirian Arc! Here's some arts stuff:

And finally, screenshots before I go off to sleep~

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