Saturday, February 13, 2010

78th Day


Now that's out of the way...

Finally! I have been itching to update this blog for the past few weeks but my internet is soooooooooo slow, did I mention slow? If not, it's sooooooooo slow. Anyway, I have a massive update incoming, and if I mean massive, I mean purely visual with ranting.

For those who are still out of the loop, I've been working on the remake of my old Halloween Game called, "Night of Marian" and since RMN has a very nice server, it's easier for me to update stuff in there =w=;

But after some complaint from S4D (yes I know it's you) I'll be patient and update this blog as well while working. :D

First, Valthirian Arc is almost done, omg omg please hurry up Fandrey! *gets shot*

Another one is Ill Will. The problem is, Rei is taking forever, hurry up man! *gets shot again*
And finally, (omg there's more?) I've been helping a few friends of mine for their Retro VX game, CRITICAL HIT!

Just click on the picture for the full view, it's almost done too (the demo at least) and I would like to thank the awesome Racheal for helping us with it *tears of joy*

Now for the real updates hoho~
First, I'll flood you with portraits that I DIDN'T post in Night of Marian Blog, Gunnar is still incomplete but whatever :D
And some updatey stuff graphics stuff:

More Marian stuff in RMN!
And speaking of which, I found my first OLD COMPLETE "SERIOUS" GAME, two days ago. It was pure hilarity and I kinda like it so I'm fixing it when I have time. Which turns to be a major pain in the ass. It's a dump backup so a lot of files are missing and the better changes are gone. It's apparently Seraphim Project Episode 1 hahaha. Ah well, I'll try finishing the fixes sometime. For now concentrate on the important stuff like cleaning the house @A@

That's all everyone~ Have a nice Lunar New Year and Valentines day~!!

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