Tuesday, February 16, 2010

80th Day

Might as well take advantage of this awesome internet.

Anyway, been slacking off (I think if that's the word for it.) and I haven't touched Marian for a few days. I needed a break after the Valthirian Arc saga. And by break, I mean do other stuff for other people orz

But other than that, I've been working on my old game as a side when I just don't feel like working on custom resources for a while, it's a nice breakout from lol custom only game ._.;;

And you guys must check this out, trust me, I was surprised it was updated when I was doing my random rounds of blog surfing.

And I'm relearning things, lookey at my progress :D

And I will leave with a few screenies 'w')b
Thank you Skie for helping me make a better GUI and System set ~


Mr.Seraph-Chan, A.K.A said...

Helloo! I made an account ^^

The amazingness of yuor mugshots is always surprising me... *-*

Anyways, Just wanted so say "Hi".
I won't.

SorceressKyrsty said...

Oooh, red heads.

Nice work as usual Ness. It's been great having you post here again ^_^

With the VX screens, did you code placing the battlers/damage text in?
I can't understand Ruby at all =w=.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Hm, I usually copy paste the areas of the default scripts that has the one that I want and edit it from there. Thank you for commenting~

Hello Joseph~

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