Wednesday, February 17, 2010

81th Day

So my friend Mikan and I were talking earlier and he showed me a very interesting website. I thought it was a pretty epic story, specially the ending now makes much, much, much more sense with this theory floating about. Nice one Squaresoft (yes they were Squaresoft till 9 so stfu), nice one.

Not much progress except story related and getting inspired by random pics. I am also addicted to a certain MV that I will not bother saying @w@

Ocean and I were talking a lot earlier about a certain game too much too, but unfortunately, Nessiah lacks the certain element that could help, Sorry Ocean! :(

And I am curious, whenever reading or watching something, what do people usually prefer? Light hearted. Slice of life or Conflict and Drama?

For now enjoy random screenshots:

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Anonymous said...

('w')d Cute Cirno Visual.

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