Wednesday, March 3, 2010

85th Day

I figured this'll be the perfect time to tell what's going on.
Basically so to speak, my future is screwed by one small decision and is going to get spat on again. I cannot tell the details but let's just say that this March 6th there'll be a hearing and from there on I'm not sure if I can work on Marian anymore.

If not, well, I'll just release what I have here and say goodbye to game making probably. But here's hoping it'll be an optimistic decision!

For why I'm disappearing, here's why:
I have a lot of catching up to do and I'll have to do real work and save money and then fix my school records then study for months for college but before that I have to hunt down every possible universities I can find and take a test that involves 7 subjects on each uni then get into college with suitable course so I can survive in the philippines ._. note that the everyday needs is a lot more expensive than your monthly salary

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