Sunday, March 7, 2010

87th Day

Judgement point is tomorrow, I'm very nervous :(
But there's something I need to clarify, the hearing is about me going to be a permanent resident or not, not some kind of I was a drug addict or anything! We got rejected at first because I had an autistic sister so the hearing is like some kind of chance for us to get accepted to Australia.

I am not quitting game making just because of college, it's the fact I am going to -live- in the Philippines is the reason I had to quit game making, I need to focus on in-demand jobs that I don't even like, if I want to survive that place, competition is brutal and as I said, your daily expenses is much more expensive than your salary! :(

I might be being too pessimistic though but from what I experienced it really felt that way and my mother had to stay up like the whole day to work and barely getting enough sleep and my dad going home very late at night. As much as possible I want to support them to get my autistic sister treated (she's not that bad, she can understand stuff but her attention span is very short and stuff).

And it amazes me that according to analytics, I have a lot of Australian visitors. In fact #2! Hi there 'w')/

Welp, wish me luck! I'll still try to work on the game making scene if I find the time. I definitely want to see Marian and Advent Cirno done AND work on Valthrian Arc Sequel.

Let's Survive.


ellenor said...

Damn.. I have been reading your lastest posts...
I hope it goes well for you!
*Cheer you on*
I am going to collage too so I am nervous also! Heh :P

Good luck!

ellenor said...

Ah! forgot to say.. That background you made is gorgeous!

Archeia_Nessiah said...

Thank you! :)

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