Monday, March 8, 2010

88th Day

From the looks of the hearing earlier, it might be a no but they're still deciding. They want us to pay $520-ish dollars for them to reconsider the papers something like that as an option.


Oh well!
Time to go back to work.


Fiohnel said...

Goddamn, that's a load of money just for education.

Dunno how the treatment for foreign student from public university in Indonesia, but I'm sure it'll be cheaper than that.

Archeia_Nessiah said...

oh it's definitely not for education. You see they never elaborated how my sister would be some "significant burden/cost" to the government, if we want to know we have to pay 520ish dollars and then let another member of the medical thing review it to see if the judgement regarding our PR is just and it could take months. Obviously a stalling tactic ;(

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