Tuesday, March 9, 2010

89th Day

Fight on! Fight on!
This blog has been abnormally depressing, time to move on to the good stuff and be optimistic!

Our game Valthirian Arc has been posted in a Japanese site, wwwwwww, I wish I can understand what they are saying though. :D

Ooh got one translated, #37, it says, "Why does this look so Japanese? I thought it was made in Japan at first." My friends told me it's a compliment, so YEY~!

And about the riviera rip offs, I've been transferring an old complete 2k3 game of mine to VX as a break from Night of Marian from time to time, doing all custom is an annoying task at times to be honest, specially when it just won't appear right sometimes ;(

I've been also investigating how Yanfly Engine Melody works, it's pretty amazing! Knowing Yanfly's speed record, I bet the engine will be done in a few weeks time ._.

And I need more games to feature here, I'll look for some :)


Sanjito Kurniawan said...

It's just me or the backround is the same as Final Fantasy Tactics?

Archeia_Nessiah said...

It is a collection of rips :)

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