Friday, April 23, 2010

Livestream - Test Run for 2 hrs -

Welcome to the 'nessarosa' room.
archeia mod: '3'
effu2 changed their nickname to celebun.
archeia mod: XD
celebun ban: ls never saves my new names. It always reverts to my EFFU2
archeia mod: hahaha
archeia mod: /pat
celebun ban: nice desktop
archeia mod: nuuu
archeia mod: my secrets are exposed D8
celebun ban: btw
celebun ban: i can hear people laughing
celebun ban: 8D
archeia mod: D:
celebun ban: *jazz hands*
archeia mod: you can hear us?
archeia mod: oooh
archeia mod: I didn't know that
celebun ban: yep
archeia mod: did you hear what I said?
celebun ban: i heard a lady say...ness? maybe?
archeia mod: /me is scared D8
archeia mod: lol
celebun ban: dun be scared you silly poop
celebun ban: it's just silly me OR YOUR OTHER FRIENDS WHEN THEY COME
archeia mod: yey irc
celebun ban: tho yeah i know how nervous LS can be...and lol irc
archeia mod: hm
archeia mod: just you right now lol
celebun ban: it's kinda blurry so i cant read anything
celebun ban: or well splotchy. I guess you have low quality on
archeia mod: yes :'<
MirV ban: o/
archeia mod: o/
Rayne ban: oh man that video quality
MirV ban: Yeah
MirV ban: D:
archeia mod: omg
archeia mod: lol
archeia mod: lemme raise it up a bit
Rayne ban: I hear voices!
Rayne ban: lol
MirV ban: hah
archeia mod: testing
celebun ban: HAY IT WAS ME
celebun ban: uh 1, 2 , 3
archeia mod: XD
celebun ban: now dance.
celebun ban: or draw
MirV ban: :V
celebun ban: that is an awesome lag
celebun ban: FFF KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS make you seem pro
archeia mod: oh man
archeia mod: I'm nervous lol
Rayne ban: heh
celebun ban: i dont know keyboard shortcuts for sai
archeia mod: lol
celebun ban: LOL DONT BE
celebun ban: DO IT
celebun ban: so many layers yo
Rayne ban: don't you be hatin' on the layers, dawg
archeia mod: hahaa
MirV ban: But layers killed my family! >:V
celebun ban: lawl but there is nothing on the canvas yet!
celebun ban: oh and layers killed MirV's family!
MirV ban: And raped my sister!
archeia mod: hahaha
Rayne ban: gasp
Kaede ban: o_o;
archeia mod: btw
heiji ban: hi
Rayne ban: her sister
celebun ban: hiiii
archeia mod: Idk what to draw
Rayne ban: not THE sister
celebun ban: well ..she could be my sister too! D:
Rayne ban: you should draw
Rayne ban: um
celebun ban: porn
heiji changed their nickname to enexodiaNo1Fan.
enexodiaNo1Fan ban: hi
MirV ban: lol
archeia mod: hahha
celebun ban: HI No1Fan!
enexodiaNo1Fan ban: hi
Rayne ban: spider-man
archeia mod: I am flattered
celebun changed their nickname to marimo.
Rayne ban: hey thar
enexodiaNo1Fan ban: dont be flat
archeia mod: ...
archeia mod: that lag
marimo ban: marimoooos are cute.
Rayne ban: DAT LAG
marimo ban: whoa...ok it looks like you're drawing on the application bg
marimo ban: and not on a's kind of magical.
enexodiaNo1Fan ban: draw jason as chibi
enexodiaNo1Fan ban: lol
marimo ban: draw dante
Rayne ban: ness has anyone told you that you have too many online names
archeia mod: I know :3
archeia mod: ah snap
archeia mod: I need to close a few
marimo ban: you keeled msnnnn
archeia mod: yes
MirV ban: >:V
marimo ban: now i cant feel special when you accidentally bring up my msn window
Rayne ban: :V can go and die
MirV ban: :V
Rayne ban: after sucking a cactus
MirV ban: :V
MirV ban: :V
marimo ban: :U
marimo ban: is...this hate i hear
Rayne ban: HATE
archeia mod: xD
Rayne ban: oh noes!
marimo ban: ...; n ;
marimo ban: cumback arcs i'll be quiet
archeia mod: accidental stop sorry
archeia mod: I was closing my source of music ;A;
Rayne ban: heh
Rayne ban: I never did finish my drawing D:
marimo ban: *subtly reminds you that you have 5 pairs of extra eyes watching you draw*
Rayne ban: that makes ten eyes in total!
marimo ban: YES unless someone is missing theirs
archeia mod: !
heiji ban: nice its jason
archeia mod: lagg
marimo ban: Dont worry, I dont notice the lagg until you mention it
marimo ban: except sometimes but ff
marimo ban: is this tohou..
Rayne ban: lol
archeia mod: yes
archeia mod: I have no idea what to draw
Rayne ban: hm
Rayne ban: maybe I'll go play UFO after this
Rayne ban: also you clearly do
Rayne ban: we can all see it
marimo ban: lol barely, but it's there!
marimo ban: hair makes everything look instabettah
archeia mod: dognabbit
archeia mod: hand shaking D:
Rayne ban: DAGNABBIT
Rayne ban: MAKING ME LAG
marimo ban: HEAR HEAR!
MirV ban: :V
archeia mod: lawl
archeia mod: I can't remember what reimu looks like ._.;;;
archeia mod: as much asi hate to do this
Rayne ban: raymoo
Rayne ban: her defining characteristics are red and white
marimo ban: * U *
marimo ban: i can see your cpu
marimo ban: oh gosh this is embarrassing
MirV ban: Lasercow
Rayne ban: lulwut
marimo ban: that is an amazing collection of folders
Rayne ban: you should see the amount of folders on my desktop alone
marimo ban: yeah must of my stuff hang out on the desktop
marimo ban: SO THIS IS REIMO
archeia mod: hehe =D
Rayne ban: see!
Rayne ban: red and white!
archeia mod: I forgot something
Rayne ban: lol
Rayne ban: dat copying >:3
archeia mod: weird
heiji ban: reimusama <3
Rayne ban: reimu looks DEAD SERIOUS
MirV ban: Rayne: reimu looks DEAD
Rayne ban: lol
heiji ban: parang jason lng ah
archeia mod: LOL
heiji ban: grabe
heiji ban: ganda
heiji ban: galing
archeia mod: I'm dehydrated
archeia mod: just a sec
MirV ban: T R U E  E N D
archeia mod: hard for me to stay awake without music lol
marimo ban: *STARES INTENTLY*
archeia mod: lol it won't let me erase
archeia mod: good bye music again ;A;
marimo ban: ; w ;
marimo ban: *sigh* i cant draw my smut when everyone is busy walking in and out of the room
archeia mod: /pat
archeia mod: brb
archeia mod: someone is calling me D:
Rayne ban: gasp
MirV ban: It's the devil
MirV ban: Ohoho~
Rayne ban: what does thedevil want with ness?
MirV ban: And then we hear screams of terror
marimo ban: cant be her soul. I have it.
archeia mod: back
archeia mod: it was basically
Rayne ban: lol
archeia mod: check out my shiny new game =D
marimo ban: ah..lool
Rayne ban: hah
marimo ban: was it shiny?
Rayne ban: what game?
Oshun ban: Reiiimu
Rayne ban: oshan sins
Oshun ban: Nuuu
archeia mod: battlefield
archeia mod: I think
archeia mod: and it's an osyun
MirV ban: Oshan Sins
Oshun ban: *Oshun throws a Shana at MirV
MirV ban: *dodges*
Oshun ban: OK, what tool is that? You're making lines look effortless!
Rayne ban: the tool of the gods
MirV ban: It's called SAI. It's God's gift to artists. =w=
Oshun ban: I have SAI!
Rayne ban: SAI SAICI
MirV ban: Then use it!
Oshun ban: I mean what she's using for the lines
Oshun ban: I do use it!
MirV ban: Pen tool I'm pretty sure
Oshun ban: My latest stuff were all done in SAI
Oshun ban: hmm
MirV ban: Then you're on the right track!
archeia mod: agh wtf
archeia mod: ocean
Rayne ban: should I get SAI for my Drawzinger?
archeia mod: it's pentool
Oshun ban: pen, ok
Oshun ban: I've been using brush
Oshun ban: But then again I use brush for EVERYTHING
marimo ban: hahaha! i cant even use brush.
archeia mod: you can use brush too
marimo ban: sai is the perfect gift for everyone.
archeia mod: it gives softer lines tho
marimo ban: i use the airbrush tho
marimo ban: airbrush and pen <3
MirV ban: Airbrush, pen, and some vectors here and there here :3
marimo ban: OH actually i just figured out that vector layer!
marimo ban: it's pretty cool..
marimo ban: i like how her eye is the only thing that's colored
marimo ban: i usually start with the's interesting to see other people's habits XD
MirV ban: I start with the hair coloring
MirV ban: :V
marimo ban: ARE YOU HAIR PRO?
Rayne ban: I start with nothing!
MirV ban: I AM NOT
marimo ban: LOL
Oshun ban: I start with coloring skin too
MirV ban: ARE YOU!?
archeia mod: lineart done :3
Rayne ban: :D
Rayne ban: :o
marimo ban: hair pro??? HARDLY
marimo ban: i actually fail at hair..
Rayne ban: that was a LINE
marimo ban: so i start with skin
marimo ban: !!!!
marimo ban: do you paint bucket on the lineart layer?
Rayne ban: lol
marimo ban: SHE DOES NOT
Oshun ban: So many layers
Oshun ban: I like having as few as possiblleeee
Oshun ban: Because I'm lazy
MirV ban: I like to keep important details separate so I can do whatever I need to later if necessary
MirV ban: Also
MirV ban: Oshan unlazy yourself!
Oshun ban: Nu
Oshun ban: Nevar
MirV ban: >:V
Oshun ban: >:3
MirV ban: Then we must battle
Oshun ban: Can't
Oshun ban: effort
MirV ban: :<
Oshun ban: :D
MirV ban: Fiiiiiiiiiiine
Oshun ban: *Oshun throws Wilhelmina at MirV
MirV ban: *MirV goes back to drawing
MirV ban: I think I might livestream when I get to coloring this...maybe
MirV ban: Reimu looks pissed off
Oshun ban: Marisa stole her donations
Oshun ban: All 10 yen of it
MirV ban: Poor Reimu
Oshun ban: I need to do unlimited spriteworks
Oshun ban: Maybe I can livestream a pixul
Oshun ban: "10 minutes later"
Oshun ban: "OK I'm done!"
archeia mod: =w=;;;;;;
Oshun ban: :D
archeia mod: am I still connected?
Oshun ban: now you are
Rayne ban: you are now
Rayne ban: lol
archeia mod: lol
marimo ban: i am very interested in pixeling!
Oshun ban: :D
Rayne ban: PIXULS
marimo ban: PIXELLE
Oshun ban: Reimus face has just been erased
Oshun ban: poor Raymoo
marimo ban: o__o
Oshun ban: You should make a XD face
Rayne ban: :gwa:
marimo ban: or a ;d face
Rayne ban: :gwa: for the love of god
Oshun ban: awesome face
Rayne ban: hahaha
Rayne ban: awwww
archeia mod: orz
Rayne ban: 236D
Rayne ban: 236D
Oshun ban: D632
MirV ban: Needs more 4B+C623C2D
Rayne ban: lol
Oshun ban: I think I will wander off and get a breakfast
Rayne ban: mmm breakfast
Rayne ban: yes I might have my lunch soon
archeia mod: THE LAG
archeia mod: *rage*
archeia mod: oh well =w=
MirV ban: Haha
MirV ban: I look away for a bit and this is already colored.
MirV ban: D:
marimo ban: that looks sooo niceee arc
marimo ban: actually I was going to say the same thing Mir..
marimo ban: V
marimo ban: I was plotting to figure out how you color but I missed it all
marimo ban: I demand a replay
MirV ban: Yeah D:
MirV ban: Well actually
MirV ban: I kinda get it just by seeing the darks
MirV ban: I just need to see the highlights now
MirV ban: =w=
marimo ban: huhuhu
marimo ban: yeah i think i could figure it out too actually but ;D wahaha
Rayne ban: back
Rayne ban: with FOOD
marimo ban: wb!
marimo ban: hmm you look delicious all of a sudden rayne...
Rayne ban: ohgod
marimo ban: actually for the first time ever, I'm not hungry
marimo ban: this is kinda sad...I feel empty...I'm always starving..
Rayne ban: hahaha
Rayne ban: mmmmmm this food is sooo goood
Rayne ban: and tasty mmmmmm#
marimo ban: D: w-wat are you eating
Rayne ban: porkchops :D
MirV ban: I have raspberry danish =w=
archeia mod: ok done
Rayne ban: hurrah
archeia mod: lol
Rayne ban: raymoo demands cupcakes
marimo ban: ; n ;
marimo ban: porkchops..
Rayne ban: lol
marimo ban: fffff that does make me hungreh
marimo ban: and gosh arcs you're so fast
MirV ban: Crap, I missed the highlights!
MirV ban: Zoom in arc!
marimo ban: arc: *zoomes out*
MirV ban: Ohhhh
MirV ban: I see
Rayne ban: lolol
MirV ban: lolwat
Rayne ban: um.
MirV ban: Give her Kamina sunglasses! 8D
Rayne ban: hahaha
Rayne ban: Garmoo
MirV ban: lol
Rayne ban: injured raymoo D: D:
archeia mod: XD
MirV ban: welp if that's that, then I'm going back to work fully!
MirV ban: laterz
MirV ban: Oh no
MirV ban: nevermind
Rayne ban: haha
Rayne ban: those looked like hary ord shades
MirV ban: Kamina sunglasses incoming
Rayne ban: UNIVERSE
Rayne ban: MARISA
archeia mod: done
Rayne ban: hahaha
MirV ban: lol
archeia mod: haha
archeia mod: if only
archeia mod: I have a volcano behind her
archeia mod: or something
Oshun ban: lol
archeia mod: I should upload that version instead
Rayne ban: hahaha
archeia mod: and that's that
Oshun ban: :3
archeia mod: a semi successful livestream
Rayne ban: hooray
MirV ban: Okay NOW I'm going. I'll trying out livestream when I'm ready to color later. Prolly post a journal then.
Rayne ban: cool
Oshun ban: k
Rayne ban: if I'm not playing blazblue, I'll check it out
archeia mod: ok :3
archeia mod: ok going back to irc XD
archeia mod: thank jee
archeia mod: 2 hrs wow
Rayne ban: lol

It was an epic test run.

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