Thursday, July 1, 2010

Restart 2

Yes this is still Alice-related.

Midterms, now our professors are shoving a lot of information down our throats, my head hurts. I want to quit college. But that'll be a waste of money so no. Finished almost all areas in Alice, graphics resources wise. Charsets need a lot of work.

Just something, the only games I'm working on now: Alice and Valthirian Arc. I dropped Ill Will for the time being since I'm being a bitch because of college and I'm easily angered. Marian is on hiatus, don't ask. Shit happens. Advent Cirno, I'll work on you once I got over my touhou hatred because of fandom bitches at me. I have no patience to draw for other people at.all. For free at least, I need money for transportation too you know.

Again, this is Alice-related

Well I guess that's just I want to say. Don't want drama over stuff and I feel bad that I didn't update this blog for a while. Also I'm out of SEB/SEM and I just did the icons and 2 battle bgs. Probably the only ones that'll ever see the light of day, so that's that. Also RMN, please stop going down, I'm getting tired of it >:V

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