Thursday, July 29, 2010

Restart 4

Too busy with school . Sorry for the lack of updates.
Mostly story stuff is being made and...homework. Also helped some people with their projects a bit. If anyone is interested in helping me map please contact me, I'll pay somehow via sprites/drawings =w=)/

On the good side, Skie updated her twitter with this wwwwww
I made that flann pose I did! I did! *rolls*


Lee Stewart said...

I can help map, if you're looking for a tile monkey. If you want help with artwork, then you'll be better off with someone that has talent. Like a monkey :/

Archeia_Nessiah said...

I prefer to do artwork with close friends 'w')/

For mapping that'll be awesome haha But Idk, it seems that people might have a hard time with the tileset :<

Lee Stewart said...

Even if I was a close friend, you probably wouldn't want my help with artwork.

Want to send me more details?

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