Saturday, September 18, 2010

Restart 7

Because I need to update this blog has been eerily quiet!
I've been busy with college and ...stuff  so forgive me if I don't really have anything interesting over here right now. Ever since my hard disk died, my motivation has been pummeled down but I'll get back sooner or later. For now enjoy these projects that came out of the blue!

A slice of life, dating sim in school goodness that is a prequel to Ocean's Dream Azulea. It's a collaboration project we were working for quite a while (I am a slacker and taking forever because I was working on Marian and college.) But I managed to finish all the art needed for it except for the Teacher's battle set (blue haired guy).


And that's it for games. Here's a great recreation of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for VX from TDS. I have it and I have permission to use it someday *U* (Before I go crazy, I know I have to finish my games first!! XD)

Have fun~

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