Friday, October 29, 2010

Contest~ *Extended*

To All Filipino Visitors (sorry foreigners ;_;)
I am hosting a contest right now! This is to promote Thanksgiving in the Philippines. We certainly need a Thank You Day!

But first, I'll show the Grand Prize
1 Box of Toblerone. 4 Different Flavors, 2 Pieces each

This will be sent via courier. And now for the rules!

1.) You must be in the Philippines.
    There's an exception to this rule, let's say you are in another country right now and have a friend or relative in the Philippines. I can send your prize to that person instead!
2.) You must post an entry to this site:
    *First, click on post an entry.
    *After Registering, post a picture as long as it's your original (can be a drawing, family event, etc.) and a pledge/small text that will describe why you are thankful for the picture you just posted.
    *Take a Screenshot [Press PrtScr from your keyboard and paste it (ctrl+v) in paint] of your entry. It should be visible in the last page of the museum if you just posted, this is what it looks like:

    *Post it in and post the link here or send it to my email, ynlraey[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject title: THANKSGIVING PHILIPPINES.

    DEADLINE is November 7, 2010 and Prize Giving is November 8, 2010


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