Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 6: Game Development and Free Disneyland Tickets

And here's another blog update! Last week was Foundation week and we've been awfully busy. We did some play that took forever and I was assistant director and technical director. I am so glad that the audio editing went nicely or I would've went insane ;w;
And now it's Midterm week and we've been awfully busy. So much work needs to be done and we can't do much about it I guess haha. First I lost my Hard Drive and now my Tablet is broken...and so I have to save money again and...since I don't have enough money, I have to loan from parents *shivers* Well, that's life I guess!
It's kinda funny how you react like, shell shocked and the situation slowly sinking down and making you go, oooh...Nonetheless, here's an updated for our game, Anagram! I'm still determined to finish it by March 15, I won't let this bad luck hinder me!!! ;_______;


Some music samples from Vlad and my bf :D
And I think, here's some visual fests, the portraits are drawn by marimobun:

And the sprites. There's more but I think this is good enough!

The sprites are coming off the table, lol!

I feel your pain man!
And finally some lineart stuff.

And now off  to some personal plus gamedev inspiration stuff, my mom got this letter about a leadership seminar in the United States of America (Washington D.C.) this August. I was invited over, but, there's one problem: my biggest bane, the dreaded...COLLEGE. I knew I won't be able to go even though if I want to, and my mom said something about Disneyland.

Wait...hold on, DISNEYLAND? In all honesty, I have never, ever, EVER been into one so I don't know the hype or how GREAT it is. I only know that there's a lot of cool rides and Goofy is in there...and Micky Mouse. Then I remembered that in my visual novel, which was obviously based on New York City, had an amusement park in it. And so we cue in a talk about, "Hey mom, drop by Disneyland for me, I want some pictures of every ride and the entire place if you don't mind." and then she was like, "What for? I'm going to work!" and I was like, "But but but..."

Funny enough, my mother anyway decided to check it out. So she was looking over discounted tickets, I was told that it's expensive(?), that it's less time consuming and we can save more money that way. Since I'm loaning her some money for a new tablet anyway, oops TDT);;  So there's three websites that you can check out. One is Discount Disneyland tickets, Cheap Disneyland Tickets and finally, Disneyland coupons

Okay I have no freaking idea what's wrong with blogger right now, but cele told me the links are leading to the same site over and over. But my blogger tells me the links are correct, so just in case but here's the screenshots of the sites and click on them to go to their sites!
I have zero experience with these stuff but they seem legit so if anyone is interested in getting discounted tickets, there you go. The only amusement park I ever went to was Star City in the Philippines. I remember raiding the yoyo ride, crazy stuff. Then I like the water roller coaster thingy that I can't remember the name of. But I guess in comparison to other theme parks, ours is kinda inferior :c I did remember a huuuugee Coca-cola coaster ride though, but I think that was in some Christmas-only amusement park, (that's now torn down :().

Now about that visual novel, if you think this is one of those, "OMG ANOTHER LOVE VISUAL NOVEL WITH THEME PARKS WHEEE!!!" then you're totally wrong. I have something in mind for it for the longest time, video game style muahahaha! It can range from a minigame to a cutscene, who knows, I'm not spoiling! I'll have to practice drawing backgrounds first before that though.

And someday...someday...I'll totally go to USA and hang out with the Cloudreach gang and Marimobun and we'll raid game stores and places and and and ...have a pizza party!

...I can dream can't I?!

And so here ends my blog entry, before I go I want to say Happy Birthday again to Skie Fortress! (This was 3 days ago but I was so busy to update this journal with my gift) and so Enjoy!

A Gunnar appears! Command?


Marimo said...

Ohh I didn't know we were going to use the music STD made on that flash game for our soundtrack! Hahah that's an interesting thought! I did like them both tho so not a complaint at all~ <3 Must be nice to have a talented bf!

But, good work with the play achii! I wish I could have seen it. ; w ; You're always off and doing some cool things~ www. And yes! March 15 it is!! *__*;; Ganbatte to all of us--except std is pretty much done. Yeah.

Sigh, I want to go to disuniiiii with chii and I suppose this cloudreach gang of yours can come too if you wanna hang with them too. I SUPPOSE. XDDD Tho, should be more like we all should meet up in Aussie and party there. But I haven't really gone to a disneyland yet either. ; w ; Even's so close. SO CLOSE. Well, miles away, but much closer than it used to be.

And happy belated birthday to Skie! That's an awesome Gunnar! Stop picking on himmmmmmmm Skieeeee.

SorceressKyrsty said...

Yeah, all of you guys come over here and you can crash at my place!


Nice blog update, Nessiah! I like all the research you're doing. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland, too :'<. I used to play Walt Disney Magical World Tour when I was a kid so it's always been one of those unattainable dreams. Y'know, like attending Hogwarts.

Good luck for the deadline, guys! You can do eet!!

GTD-Carthage said...

Awwww, I'm sorry I could be of little help to directly relieve you from all that's going on recently especially after your tablet broke down. ;_; But either way, I'm here to help and just a holler will have me burst into the scene with guns a blazing and angry angry evil buff mercenaries a juggling. ; D

I am still confident we can make it to the March 15 due - we still have time but we'll need to get these technical difficulties plaguing us out of the way. (We need portable hard drives with genetic sensor-equipped sentry guns and adminium-reinforced tablets.)

And as for Disneyland, I have never been to one either (I've been to Hong Kong's Ocean Park though and a certain park in Gold Coast, Aussieland more than a decade ago. xD ). While it's not exactly in my absolute desire to visit an amusement park, I certainly won't pass it off if it's in the itinerary and with you guys, consider me sold. xD

And lastly, a late happy birthday greeting to Skie as well, may there be more years to come! ; D

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