Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 6.5: VisuStella and Justin Bieber Joke

I forgot to Publis this entry. Anyway...Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I have a small group called VisuStella and the progress of Anagram can be found there :D

But here's some Teaser Art for you guys presented by Marimo:
"You seem familiar..."

And now let's talk about Status Effects~

Click Me To Reveal Spoilers!

I always found myself never using negative status effects against enemies and only bothering with buffs. It's like, get poisoned and nothing really game challenging happens and it's more of an annoyance. The other debuffs you can use for your advantage doesn't work on bosses (of course). This seems to be a constant problem in RPGs, specially Final Fantasy. Hello FINAL FANTASY I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

*Ahem* Well anyway, because of this a lot of people think Negative Status Effects / Debuffs is useless and not really worth in putting in RPGs, well there are those who use it on roguelike/dungeon crawler games that heavily focused on gameplay I guess.. I was almost one of these people since I never saw a game that makes good use of it.

...That was until I played Persona 3/4/SMT: Strange Journey. Yes it is a dungeon crawler, but Persona 3/4 has great story, etc. that I won't even being to elaborate why this is the example I wanted to use.

And by gods it changed the way I perceive debuffs now. 

First of all, Persona/SMT is hard. By hard I meant the type of hard that you will get killed and die many times if you don't use your brain and decide to just mash attack and stick with one persona all throughout the game. It also discourages to let Status Effects just remain there. Let's investigate why!

  • Poison the standard if it's your turn you get HP drain kind. It works effectively in this game for a good reason, you die fast. 
  • Fear sometimes you miss your turn, sometimes you don't. 
  • Panic you can't use your persona, go figure XD
  • Confusion either drop money, attack the enemy, attack your ally, or do nothing
  • Down defense is down by a large margin (ouch)
  • Charm obvious.
The great thing? It works on bosses! I remember in Persona 3, I casted Fear on one of the bosses named Strength and it sure was nice not to be the only one suffering from this. 

Persona makes sure that these status effects can kill you, let's say Fear, everyone is afraid. Suddenly, a monster specializing in debuff sees this as an advantage and used a spell that will kill everyone that is inflicted with FEAR. Guess what? Your entire party just got annihilated! 

It's also hard to be inflicted with these status effects since you have to keep the leader alive or else it's game over. You're inflicted with poison, sure no biggie, it's just poison and my HP seems to be a large pool still (150 HP) I will leave. But wait, my persona is weak against fire and my enemy just used Maragidyne on me. Oh shit I just died what wait nooooo!!!!!!!!!!

So not only are you trying to save the world, you have to protect yourself and not die... and find out the true meaning of TEAMWORK AND FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE, that can actually contribute to the battle system, HELL YEAH!

And so I end this entry with some Justin Bieber related news, why? Just read down haha.

Once upon a time, I was doing the usual game making spree when my sister apparently is a fan of Justin Bieber somehow. Wait, what? Who is this Justin Bieber? I only heard about him but I never saw him, well whatever. She and my mother were talking about him and the news about him having a "Never say Never" Movie popped up. Big deal? When my sister asked me if I can find one ticket for her.

...Why me?
...Because you guys found Disneyland Tickets before right?
...Oh, I'll check facebook then.

First I came into this site, since I remember playing a contest game thing so I thought they won't pass up on an opportunity with a famous singer. Then I saw there's some Justin Bieber related news on it, like in it and that he endorses the product. For those who are curious he's endorsing Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution. It also said that Proactiv promotion is that the first 30 buyers can win Justin Bieber movie tickets, so anyway I checked the site out and...

What the, he has a bowl cut. Nice taste man, I want to test a theory.

Why hello there, Banchou!
Edited by yours truly.
Well... okay it was close but not enough
For those who are curious and wants to see it anyway. Here's how to avail it:


1.      Customer must buy either a Proactiv 30-day Kit or Proactiv 60-day
kit from any of the participating Watsons stores mentioned above.

2.      Customer must buy within the prescribed promo period. Purchases of
Proactiv Kits outside the promo period are not eligible to redeem free
item with.

3.      To redeem the FREE SM Cinema Movie Card, Customer must sign the
Promo Terms and Conditions Agreement Form which will be provided by
respective Proactiv Promodisers or Store Managers to the first 30
buyers per participating outlet. Customer must also present the
Watsons Official Receipt as proof of purchase to the Proactiv
Promodiser or Store Manager.

4.      If  Customer avails of the standard limited Money Back Guarantee
that comes with every Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, the refund value
will be deducted with the equivalent price of the FREE SM Cinema Movie
Card, Php 185.

You can follow Proactiv Solution Philippines on Facebook.

Enjoy =v=)b


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