Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 7: Knights and Dragons

Hi everyone~ Unfortunately, college and real life issues got into me that I haven't been able to touch RPGMaker as much as I want to. Due to lack of assets for Anagram that hinders progress (which amounts to lots of waiting), I have decided to work on a 72 Hours game...well it was supposed to be then Valedictory Game Drive happened, haha... So far I used the first 48 Hours. Here's what I have of it so far, with some added explanation for your convenience :)

The Knight and The Prince
"Save The Princess!"

Two Kingdoms, Cispadana (Tiamats) and Triesda (Humans), had been at war for around 200 years. Since their great, great grandfathers, the newest generation felt exhausted from the long war. They decided to attempt a peace treaty and settle each others differences.

Except...the princess got kidnapped.
And it's your job to bring her back!

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Battle System

The Maps are divided into color coded tiles:

Blue = Homebase

Green = Neutral Area

Red = Enemy Area/Territory

You have rations and money. Rations is decreased for every encounter or certain events. This is required to feed your army. Trigger Points (TP), the blue gem, is how much you can interact with objects found on map. You can find hidden items by observing empty tiles but they will eat your TP unecessarily. When you're about to execute an encounter it will take away Ration and TP. The game is all about taking over enemy areas. There are ways to do this, either you shove off units and kill their generals or commit genocide. I will show more when I have done more stuff for the battle system, for now, please enjoy the art below.

Oh and before I forget to mention, the game is going to be released privately for Meridian Dance for the time being until all gameplay issues has been resolved :D

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