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Global Art and Summer Art Classes

A repost of an old post of mine back then. This is because I want to repost all the helpful bits and stuff I got that might help people!

That said though, my mother has been awesome  to bring/tag me along an art workshop to try out the trial. The name of the school is  Global Art and this one was located in Katipunan. There were around 6/7 of us I think.There's around 4-5 teachers, 2 of them are advanced level. It started like this, there's 2 teachers over there for the Beginner-Intermediate level if I remember correctly:

But basically the trial started like, you're given this sheet of paper with a dolphin on it. You have to copy it and then color it with oil pastels. Apparently, this gives them an idea of your skill level, here's how it started:

Click Me To Reveal Spoilers!

And then later on, after you colored it, you'll be taught how to fill in the white spots and how to blend them. (YES DOOMFEST, I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEANT BY BLENDING!). Basically, the strokes of your colors matters. From what I remember, there's around several types *grabs papers and cellphone* Ok! That took me a while.

The rule of thumb it seems that when flatting colors,  Dark -> Medium -> Lightest. Start on the darkest portion then move to medium then lightest. That way blending would be easier. (Oh hey I do the same with pixel art 8D)

Coloring Shading Techniques
  1. Circles - basically shade it in a circular motion, or making small circles to blend in the colors.
  2. Teeth to Teeth - hard to explain. Google?
  3. Side by Side - up and down motion stroke
  4. Curls - obvious
  5. Tap - little tiny dots
  6. Slide - like side stroking and going downwards to fade.
  7. Curves
  8. Half Circle
After a while, this was the result of the activity from one of the students:

The one below was the earlier attempt and the one above is the latest attempt after being taught :D From what I remember, side by side and circles were the one used~

Afterwards, we were talking about the art program, there's Foundation Level, Basic Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level. From Foundation to Advanced Level, the teachers focused on building up the student's motor skills and so on to help with their art. I saw that they teach really well too. Because coincidentally enough, 2 kids (7 years old was a girl I think her name is Trisha and a Boy I think around 4 years old) enrolled for the first time.

I found it funny since while they were talking, the teacher gave Trisha 2 papers and was like, pick one you would like to try~ and the girl was like, I pick orange because it's easier than mango :D It was just funny and I was surprised that I looked away for a bit and the kid was coloring like really good. I mean, whoa.

I think the first few levels is around 7k php and the Advanced Level is around 8k. This has free art materials etc. First levels are Monday - Saturday and the Advanced Level is Tuesday - Saturday.

I think since ours is a special trial (we have one hr), we started doing types of sketching techniques (ooooh~) but here's what I gathered from it.

Pencil/Pen Sketching Techniques

  1. Pressure ( Heaviest - Lightest )
  2. Overlapping
  3. Bold and Thinner
  4. Quantity
  5. Distance
  6. Crosshatching (Combination of everything from above)
I would scan a sample later if I could reproduce it into a better quality. I got a call so I rushed mine so it's very bad right now ahaha. But afterwards we were given an activity and this was supposed to be the first project for the advanced level (yey free lesson? XD) And here was the result from what one of the students did~

I wish I took more photos but I was out most of the time because of a call from my brother about our webdev project orz. But if you guys want more information here's some details that could help~


I also remember this "school"/"workshop" is global so maybe give it a try if you guys saw it. I want to enroll but I spent most of my money on a failed theatre presentation (it's complicated but let's just say we failed because of the audience being noisier than us and a stage play).

In the Philippines there's about 10 branches. Here's the info about the one settled in Katipunan and here's the facebook fan page in case you want to know more about it~

Of course I tried to apply what I learned digitally and ended up as a failure ahahaha...
I really want to attend those classes orz.

Here are some latest attempts that I did:

Thanks for reading~

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