Sunday, April 10, 2011

Very Sorry

Well this is embarrassing, I really wanted to release something but the situations call for it that I should not even think about the countdown anymore. I have literally been too busy to the point that as soon as I get home, I collapse to bed or do homework while I fall off my chair every 5 minutes. It's impossible I tell you =v=;;;;

And so, I will have to end the joke (but I'll leave the countdown bar anyway to see if a miracle will happen) and once again postpone the release of this "secret" game

But for now, I will have to apologize and hope that not everyone is mad!


Scinaya said...

Just take care Archeia~ Take care of yourself an own limits before you worry about the game. o/
I am sure people can wait, and if not they aint worth of rush ;c

Kenxisonline said...

Agrees ^_^

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