Monday, June 20, 2011

Rebirth 2: About Artists...

There's something that caught my attention a while ago by harmonic:

At first, I laughed because it's pretty true at some aspect then something hit me. I remember conversations I had with people and this is something that happens way too often, "I won't pay $20 for a drawing! I mean come on, it's just a drawing!"

Let's rewind for a bit. We spent years learning art, honing them to an industry standard level, and we don't deserve at least $20 for it? Art is like learning 5 languages at once, we spend years learning how to line, shade, color, anatomy and whatsoever, and not gaining the so called, mainstream skills that most people have. I want to do art for games and be a game maker for a living, not doing art for the living! There's a major difference!

What do I mean by this? I'll elaborate:

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We spend over 1-6 hours planning how your character should pose, act, anatomy issues whatsoever and whatever fixes you might want. Make that 12 hrs if you don't have a concept art or you don't even know what you want me to draw (This happens, ALL THE TIME).

Another 6-12 hours doing sketches and doing the lineart of your character. This depends on the detail but a simple character can take over 6 hours to get inked. Of course there's people who ALWAYS ask you to do fixes that will either just add an additional 30 minutes - 1 hour fix, or worse, another 6 hours of our time gone.

And finally, we spend another good 6-14 hours coloring the damn drawing. Ohh, if only blending colors were so easy and fast.

Alright so say if you took 20 hours for a drawing. That's $1 per hour: A terrible waiter who gets no tips at all and gets yelled at makes 3x or more than that!
And you're saying we don't deserve $20 for all the time we spent? We could've used that time on working on our own stuff, hang out with friends and family, having fun or studying for school. I could've just gotten a work agent and worked for a retail shop, since those pay more than I earn making assets for people!

And this is where reliability comes in. People, come on. Do you think that measly $20 can pay for our rent, food, college/student fees/books/ fees, electricity/water/whatever debts, maintainance for our tablet/PC and/or buying art supplies. And there's also what we call hygiene.

Of course we'll take on as many jobs as we could in order to maintain a good amount called, $200. Yes, $200 is sooo hard to earn that it literally takes me 6 months of hard labor earning that or reasoning with my commissioner. There's also the problem that Real Life does get in the way! And of course most of them don't pay upfront!

It doesn't matter if we're not as skilled as X person or Y person. It doesn't matter if our art isn't as great as those commercial standards you see today. We take time, love and hard labor working on your stuff and drawing your characters that we probably wouldn't have seen until you brought it to us!

And that folks is why artists can be overly emotional and don't want to work on your games for FREE or even if it's paid. 

Also yes, I draw for people for $20 since apparently my skills aren't worthy of your 30-60 dollars.

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MigratoryEagle said...

One of my friends laughed at me for paying for TLG, but he doesn't understand. He said why should I pay for a game I am distributing for free, but it takes hours, hours and hours to create "art." I could never expect anyone to just do all of that work for free, especially if it is not their brainchild.

Lazcht said...

lol, as for my way of thinking, i'd prefer not putting time factor for the pricing, (like, it's fast to make then it's cheap) im selling art (my skill investment, and my sense, my experience), and NOT my present/ work time, so whether it costs me only 1 hour, 1 minute to do a decent drawing, i wont let the my art price go down because of my speed.

my friend from a quite big design studio give me a tip and it kinda hits me in the head "ppl like quality arts, or cheap stuff, choose carefully :)"

as for drawing procedure, lately i've been not caring anymore of what should i do first, whether i must do linearts first, without lineart, or starts from the leg or just paint over the sketch, i'll do what i want. (i love the hair, let's do that first, the boobs? why not? lol, etc) i'll just make my mind free from any rules or rituals, which usually made me bored and fed up of drawing in the past. i just want to stop doing things i dont really like.

well, just sharing my way of thinking ^^

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