Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rebirth 3: This? Again?

Except the one that messaged me was German but w/e...
It was a beautiful message, nothing bad or anything and very supportive. Let me break down and try to answer her message for the others to see and well I guess to avoid getting the same question :

1.) I bet 100 of people have already asked this but...
> No, not really. Around 6 I believe asked me all this time.

2.) You uploaded a video about the battle system of advent cirno. And now I wanted to ask, are you still working on it?
> I was until I found out something recently. First tracer, accusations that I was claiming Advent Cirno as my own despite One Night Stand plastered all over my links. Then I thought hey that's nothing compared to the love I'm showering for this game and series. I won't let it get to me. Then I heard that I was (might even still being) accused of capitalizing over Touhou's Success or something insane like that. Funny thing, I'm not even getting money from this and that I'm doing this game for FREE. Seems that a lot of people are eluding that fact. Never mind Happy Birthday puts Touhou faces on their mugs whatever merchandise and sell it and people actually buy it. They get more money and support over there than I could ever had. Good riddance.

>The small donations I got were from my original projects like Night of Marian and Anagram. Now that made me happy and proud since I know it was NOT from Touhou and that these people support me as an artist and as a game developer.

3.) From what I understood, they were lots of troubles with this game. and I feel really sorry for you because of that. well... but I'm still obsessed with touhou and everything. exept Advent Cirno! I love the cute little 9 beeing the strongest soldier ever in gensokyo :) And I think it would be really sad if you cancelled this wonderful project. one of my friends also does games with RPC maker, etc. so I know that it's alot of hard work. but it would be really nice to see it. thank you for listening, I'm waiting for your response =)

>Thank you and I'm glad someone understands my pain and love for Cirno TvT)

> And as much as I want to see it done, unless a miracle falls from the sky like a programmer that won't mind that I take a while to get assets done because of school and can actually work on RMVX or some sort of crazy spriter would help me so I could focus more on programming. It's not gonna happen and will only be having progress whenever I feel like it if that feeling ever happens again.

That's all folks.

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Megurin said...

This comment is very late =. =' (it's because of school sorry)

People who accuses are the ones who are very jealous of other people's work >:3

I feel your pain, I know how hard to make a game, to make sprites =`. = We are still waiting for Advent Cirno, and still hoping for it, so goodluck and do your best! :D you have my support (although not financially, am broke, always, sorry T_T)

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